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Take Your Practice Deeper

One on One Private Coaching with Santell Domain.

With over 10 years experience in the health and fitness field, and15 plus combined years with boxing, yoga, mma and natural fitness.


My passion and intent is to help individuals seeking the following results...

  • Mobility & Flexibility

  • Strength & Muscle Building

  • General Weight Loss

  • Natural/Bodyweight fitness

  • Movement & Martial Arts

  • Self-care & Longevity

  • Nutritional Advice


As I deeply believe that each and every person is unique and special so to, will your training program. Every aspect of your program will be designed, adjusted and tailored to your needs in the moment, as well as your goals. I will also customize your program  based on your life patterns & health history to not only ensure that you hit your goals but do so in a safe and mindful approach. 



The Process (How it works)


  Accomplish your goals, faster, safer and on your own time! Eliminate the hassle of jumping into fitness trends based on structure, astetics and hype, ultimately restricting your body and costing you precious time and money. This is true custom training.  In order to get the very most out of your training, it is vital to understand your past and where you are now. Below is an outline of how it all works.

Initial Assessment

  •  Here we dive deep not only into your goals but also into your past and present health history so we can design the very best program for you. We will also go over your physical patterns, hobbies and overall lifestyle. Finally, we will discuss your goal completion target date, and the best training frequency to help you accomplish it.

Your Training Experience

What's in it for you.

  • Custom training program designed, based on your initial assessment and current physical capabilities, environment and access to equipment.

  • Daily education, inspiration, and motivation to keep you focused, accountable and on track.

  • 100% access to me.

  • Bi-weekly video submissions to check form, upscale or downscale exercises.

  • Nutritional advice.

  • Once a month 30 minute coach and support call.

  • NO MORE GUESS WORK!! Tried and tested exercises to take your training to the next level.

  • "True Coach" User Experience. (Workouts sent daily into your inbox, with outlined specifics to your training program including reps, sets, and video demonstrations.


Client Testimonials

Grunge Blackboard Transparent

Wendy Pualani

Movement, Boxing and Self-care

I never get bored and he's always got me laughing.  I'll never go back to a gym again!  There's no cookie cutter workouts where everything is the same.  It's different every day. And I'm not just getting a better, stronger body, I'm learning real skills for real life situations. Santell has more than just skill, he's got keen intuition when it comes to movement.

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