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The Shaka Zulu

Let the rhythm of the drums take you to the heart of Africa...every beat sinking deeper and deeper into to the very cells inside you.  This is where the healing begins, as they clear the way for every layer to give in to the deep penetrating work.  All the while, the drums maintain the trance.  This unique "deep tissue" massage experience teaches even the muscles to give in to the power and  beauty that exemplifies the very energy and essence of this great continent.  Through rooted rhythms and a profound touch, this is indeed an experience that you won't soon forget.

African Style Massage


A Jawaiian/Polynesian Style Massage Experience


The natives believed in sound as healing, many times the beating of drums, creating a rhythm and resonance that would clear the body.  Feel the beating of the drums over you, discovering  just the right vibration to help you rest and settle in.  Let them help clear what is stuck and move the motionless, so your energy can flow as it was meant to be.  Then feel the warmth of the natural bamboo gliding over your body, melting away stress and helping the muscles finally learn to let go.  This massage experience will have you feeling like Shamans of old have blessed your body and awakened your spirit.  


The Norseman

Viking Style Massage


The call of the Norsman beckons you.  So, in the ancient Viking traditions of the great warriors, we ask you to allow yourself to be twisted and stretched...but not beyond your limits.  We promise (wink wink).  This massage, although based from traditional Thai massage, has its own unique flavor of the Norse.  So, like the sacking of England let this massage experience take over and let us do all the work.  This fully clothed form of bodywork will actually have you feeling like a Viking God when we're done with you. 


The Native

Massage/ Drum Healing


The sweet soft melody of the waves have you feeling like you're floating already as the rhythmic motions of this massage experience mimic the very ocean itself.  A unique style of Lomi Lomi massage and healing, this beautiful form of bodywork will take you to a whole other place of existence through the knowledge and wisdom of the island traditions.  This is a place where the body, the spirit and the mind truly become one.  Let the spirit of Aloha bring you home.

The God-King

A Peruvian Style Massage


How would it truly feel when your body is fully nourished, your mind quieted and your spirit lifted?  To be touched and treated like the God or Goddess that you are?  This massage experience is the ultimate in relaxation that includes an extra 5 minutes of traditional fanning and the finest fruits served of your choosing, that only true royalty deserves.  This experience will never let you forget that you ARE the Queen or King of your own destiny.  So make some time to let someone take care of you this know you deserve it.   

All Massage Experiences

60 min...$75      90 min...$105      2 hours...$145

(808) 631- 0242

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