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Millions of years before the famous Roman arena was even a glimmer in the Emperor's eye, there was a Colosseum that challenged human's very nature like no other ever who's terrain was so diverse, so untamed, that it turned even the weakest into warriors.  The landscape was vast and limitless and was the arena for the greatest games of all time...the games that could only be described as pure PRIMAL.

Word spread from every corner of the Earth, gathering the masses together to conquer their greatest fears.  Each warrior chose their weapons, keeping them few, allowing them to move more freely in battle.  Day and night they trained, drenched in so much sweat that it would nearly blind them, but still the trained.  Endless days of mastering terrains and battling the elements, birthed sleepless nights, filled with nothing but the desire to harness the pure primal power within them.  For they knew if they could achieve this seemingly impossible task, they would surely win.

One by one the weak withered and fell while the strong prevailed, ready and waiting to be considered for the Games.  They craved more blood, sweat and tears and even more the honor and the glory of the win.  But there was one thing they all failed to understand...every one of them had been in the Games all along.  Every step, every move, every small victory and every great loss...they had all, in some way, conquered the Game of Will.  A timeless lesson had been revealed.

Millions of years later, more challenging than ever, the Colosseum has been unearthed once again, opening its gates to transform the impossible into a new reality...a reality of limitless potential.  If you have the courage to enter, know you will be shedding more than one skin.  And if you have the sheer will to survive, and can master the art of divide and conquer, you will be one of many who will reignite the flame of the Primal Warrior.

The Arena is Calling Once Again.

And the Primal Warriors are Gathering.

Can the Self be Conquered in the Strongest Colosseum Ever Built?

Only You can Answer that.

Primal Colosseum...the Terrain of the Timeless Warrior.


 It all began as most stories began, with a desire, a longing, a need for more. My journey of movement and nature began at a very young age where I can remember playing outside in the dirt as a kid, feeling happy, free and imaginative. Those moments of being in karate class, barely three feet tall, yelling and screaming as I practiced the lessons of the day. I was always an active kid, and started dancing and playing various sports as my journey developed. Movement was my greatest and most joyful form of was my life.

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